Tran Phu Cable

July to PanaMotion team was the time of racking brain to come up with ideas for Tran Phu cable TV commercial. The team facing the challenge: How to show the long lasting durability of electricity cable for a 30s TVC nationally broadcasted.

Numerous ideas bounced around then fell flat with outright rejections, the client demanded brand-new direction. Until an idea of a prehistoric man hit upon one member of PanaMotion to describe long-lasting durability of electricity cable. It was then the team received a nod from our client.

The client PanaMotion had this time exhibited their interest in originality of the idea and went along with it. This time it exceeded the team’s expectation, a TVC was to produce with visual effects (VFX), more challenging and thrilling for film enthusiasts of PanaMotion. The team put a lot of efforts into work, building a concept and storyline based on the first idea.

The storyline goes with two prehistoric men in their search for light. The main character tried in vain to generate light with flint stones banged together. One more intelligent and richer with his car made from wood and a chicken as a whistle showed the other a house electrically equipped lit up. Thousand years after that, the house turned into an archaeological site where an archaeologist and his students found long-lasting Tran Phu cable that delivered electricity and light to the house.

After the concept development, there came another question: How to develop a prehistoric man? PanaMotion team carefully researched how prehistoric man character and his home were built on-screen and developed concept art for the character with meticulous details to bring a real prehistoric man on-screen from costume, hair, bracelet, belt, flint, axe, to the cave where the prehistoric man lives. PanaMotion team transformed the movie set into stone-age scene with a prehistoric man in 21st century.







The post-production was essential to perform magic with visual effects for environment. The final product by devoted PanaMotion team which was nationally broadcasted on VTV1 and SCTV.