PanaMotion on film production - What is VFX?

Remember your last cinematic experience? All audacious stunts that grip you on the edge of your seat, be it car crashing, superheroes leaping from skyscrapers, or tyrannosaurs marauding across the screen.

Your jaw drops; you reassure yourself that it’s just VFX (V=Visual,F = Eff, X = Ect - Visual Effects), all these carefully crafted special effects that plunge you into another imaginative world.

With technological advancement, the seam between the pure fantasy and reality blurs away. The wizardry on big screen has revolutionized film production and transformed impossible dreamlike fantasies into real images.

 (Source: Jurassic World)

VFX often goes hand in hand with Hollywood, the spectacular birthplace of million dollar movies. In Vietnam, the concept is relative new as VFX Vietnam has taken first step in recent years with pioneers like PanaMotion.

So what actually is VFX?

Visual Effects Society’s Handbook shows that VFX (stands for Visual Effects) is the term to describe imagery created, altered for a film or other moving media that cannot be conducted during live-action shooting.

Visual effects take place in post-production after primary image capture is done.Visual effects is added to live-action through techniques such as matter painting, rear – and front-screen projection, miniature or forced perspective sets, computer graphic objects, characters, and environments, and compositing of images recorded in various ways.

Recent progress in digital tools enables moving image makers to render perfect compositing, digital sets, and fully computer-generated characters more accessibly and affordably. This makes visual effects standard tool kits of filmmakers (Source: LightRay FX).

FX guide provides an great example of VFX with the example of a action cop drama, let’s see what the VFX wizard can bring to life:

– Gun flashes - replacing traditional physical effects for reasons of safety

- Removing modern signs, set extensions

- A wide shot of the city, replacing traditional glass matte painting effects

- Wardrobe fixes (costume)

- Fly away hair on the leading lady or digital tattoo removal (hair and makeup)

- Adjustment of street lighting

- Camera shake removal and slight reframing

- Combining of two takes into one

- Falling shot dead guys

- Crowds scattering in the background

- Sky replacement​

In 2011, PanaMotion succeeded in producing the first TV commercial with visual effects for CMC Infosec antivirus software.

Virus attacks, buildings collapse, crowd effect, let’s see how the team pulled it off with VFX:


by PanaMotion