"A Vietnamese production pioneer with an edge in visual effects"


A Vietnamese Production house with an edge in VFX established in 2009 by dedicated film makers to explore the wonderful world of digital moving images.

Our goal is to break through with creativity and originality in designing and carrying out pre-production, production and post-production for commericial videos, broadcast designs, and films in Vietnam.

With passion, knowledge, and experience, PanaMotion is willing to cooperate and provide superior quality products that satisfy the most demanding requirements of domestic and foreign clients.

Living our passion, PanaMotion strives for originality.


A pioneer in digital image production with advanced visual effects capabilities. PanaMotion leads by offering electrifying visual solutions to transform ideas into reality.

Continously learning and improving, PanaMotion attempts to inspire and nourish passion for moving pictures and visual effects VFX in Vietnam.

Start from local, PanaMotion is ready to go global with passionate devotion, flexible approach, and originial work.


PanaMotion is a team of highly committed and skilled Vietnamese film-makers pursuing groundbreaking moving pictures and visual effects.

With devoted and passionate individuals, PanaMotion grows and nourishes each member’s creativity. The team constantly learns and strives to breathe life into ideas with best visual solutions.

Over 7 years, the team has succeeded in producing commercial videos, broadcast designs, and films in Vietnam.

shares knowledge
imparts experience
nourishes creativity
makes the difference."

Over 7 years of sustained endeavor and growth, PanaMotion cultivates work experience by working on a wide range of projects in various areas and devoting best efforts to satisfy every client.
The establishment of PanaMotion laid the foundation for VFX production in Vietnam.
The launch of TVC “CMC-Infosec” marked the first time that a Vietnamese group succeeded in using visual effects (VFX) in production.
PanaMotion positioned itself as a production house with an edge in visual effects and specializes in television commercial, film production and post-production.
PanaMotion expanded and opened the second office in Ho Chi Minh City.
Our Team
PanaMotion is where highly competent and dynamic creatives gather to live their dreams
Dang Ngoc Ha
Founder & CEO
Nguyen Huu Luong
VFX Supervisor
Dang Duc Hieu
MGF Team Leader
Pham Van Hoai
CG FX Team Leader
Trieu Hoa
Motion Graphics Artist